Melanie Porter’s Knitted Chairs

Some of you are sure to have seen or heard about Melanie Porter’s amazing range of knitted chairs. But if you haven’t, then make sure to check them out here because they are amazing! Not only are they inspirational, but the craftsmanship on every single chair just blew me away.
I first came across them when googling “knitted chairs” (I can’t be the only one who does that, can I?) and just had to share it with all of you!
Here is one of my favourite out of her amazing collection

I don’t know about you, but for me, looking at all those chairs just make me want to knit another chair!

p.s: I’ll be starting to work on a basic gauge-less pattern so you can all knit a chair without having to worry about what yarn size to use! So keep an eye out for it and in the mean time, knit away!



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8 responses to “Melanie Porter’s Knitted Chairs

  1. What fabulous chair covers! I would have never imagined you could do such great things.

  2. mrs rita matta

    i like very much melanie porter s knitted chair. can you do one for me please and if you can how
    much will cost. my number is 07930190972

  3. This is elegant and cozy. A zebra print one would be Awesome. I love your work

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  5. hahaha- how different
    this could easily come in lots of colours and designs then..maybe not my size but close!

  6. SOOOO forwarding this on! and then ordiering a sofa hehe

  7. Great idea looks really good. Think I might buy one for xmas.

  8. oh wow. These are so lovely. I was looking for someone unique for a chair for my baby’s nursery – Something like this would be great.

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