The Not-so-ubiquitous Knitted Chair
First generation basic stripy knitted chair!

This is knitted by Talitha from MA, USA. It’s bright and cheerful with all over random cabling, a sun pillow, vines and leaves decoration. She said it’s perfect for her daughter’s bedroom!

Lace It Up
Lace It Up
Lace It Up
Here’s a mini version of the chair that only took over 10 skeins of super bulky yarn.

Here’s a papasan chair knitted by Talitha. It transforms a cold and hard plastic chair into a cushy, soft and inviting armchair!

Cohobblopot (Variety)
Cohobblopot (Variety)
This one is called Cohobblopot by Alicia from Leeds using Sirdar Bigga for the body and some scraps yarn for the details. Check out the awesome flower, leaves and LADYBUGS!!

Redskins inspired knitted chair
Redskins inspired knitted chair
Redskins inspired knitted chair!
It’s knitted by Jen Hunt from Washington DC, inspired by her favorite sports team colours, Redskins.
She used only 5 skeins of Lion Brand Jiffy Thick and Quick!

Chair Cardi
Aptly name Chair Cardi, I guess it’s not hard to see where the inspiration for this one comes from! It features simple cables, colourful buttons and pockets on both sides.


22 responses to “Gallery

  1. wow that’s so awesome! great job ladies!!

  2. A2K

    I love this idea! Wonderful replacement for the tired old slipcovers of old!

  3. Hailey

    Akk, I love (!!!) Talitha’s, such creativity. I’m going to give this a go with plastic bags soon I think.

  4. zea

    hi yuvinia

    i came to the new designers with debbie (one of the teachers)…was sorry you were not at the stand at the time….are you selling any of the knitted covers? please let me know
    many thanks, zea. ps i love them!

  5. Lovely ideas and cure designs! =) The laced-up is adorable =)

  6. edith

    their absolutly fascinating. i am going to try to make one.

  7. Now this is a movement I can get behind. Fabulous!

  8. The gallery is beautiful! What a fabulous idea you had.

  9. Kay

    This is EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for!

  10. Absolutely fantastic! I don’t even own that kind of chair, but I will now 🙂

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  12. Maureen

    These are the most amazing chairs I’ve ever seen! OMG I would have loved one of those covers for all the years of our motorhome travels and campfires. How cozy that would have been around a campfire!!!! 🙂 Know any campers? Start knitting ladies.

  13. These are beautiful, I really need to knit so I can cover mine in zebra Print. I love zebra print.

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  16. Viviana

    Hi, I’m italian knitter, your chairs are beautiful I did download the two I’d really like to have the pattern of the chair whit flowers purple side is possible? compliments
    Viviana (Sicily)

  17. Fascinating! I’d love to do something like that, if only I had the time. They’re all wonderful, I love the details.

  18. oh I just love these.. The old plastic chairs are so horrible looking. What a great way to brighten them up.

  19. Is the pattern for the chari cardi available? thanks Chris

    • yuvee

      Hi Chris,

      I never got around to writing a pattern for that one, but the pattern for The Not-so-Ubiquitous Knitted Chair is easily modifiable to fit any pattern you want!

  20. Pat McClain

    Beautiful!!! Would love to have pattern for the gray one and the orange flower/vine one.

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