Lace It Up pattern

Picture 6
Lace It Up pattern is now available! Download from the sidebar.
If you have been put off knitting your own chair because of the amount of yarn and the size of the project, then this is the pattern for you! Using only a little over 400 yards of yarn, it’ll go so fast you’ll be amazed!



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15 responses to “Lace It Up pattern

  1. Always Alice

    I noticed your pattern and had to share it with my knitting group of ladies from all over the State of Texas. A few are having trouble finding the completed pattern. I am guessing that the site had too many hits for the day? Hope this is fixed because I know a couple of hundred Texas Women that will wanting to give this pattern a try!

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  3. Sriraman K

    creative and nice

  4. Lana

    This is a super cute idea and would love to make one. However, I must be blind to the link or something as I can’t find where to get the pattern. LOL!

  5. You’re not blind, Lana. Or maybe I am, too. I can’t find the pattern either.

  6. Jenny

    I can’t seem to find the whole pattern either, and I’ve clicked around almost the whole site. I’ve been inspired, please contact me!

  7. Barbara

    I cannot find the pattern on the sidebar, has it been removed?

  8. Jenny

    I would love to add to your photo collection … has the pattern been removed from the site?

  9. Joyce

    If you have script or pop up blocker the Box box will not show up. You will have to temporarily allow all or just allow all and also have adobe flash player 9.
    Hope that helps you.

    Great idea, looks wonderful! Thanks for the patt!

  10. Debra

    Awesome chair cover. Can you put up a link for the pattern, I’d love to make one of my own.

  11. Jennivie

    Does anyone know how to convert knit to crochet? I would love to make one of these but I just can not knit. I have tried and tried but I can’t keep my rows in order no matter how many times I am shown

  12. Peggy

    I managed to find the file to download at the top right corner of this page (under the chair with the yarn and needles picture) and downloaded successfully.

  13. I am inspired and am headed out to the web to purchase the correct yarn. Oh my…this is WAY COOL!

  14. These are amazing CHAIR COVERS, many thanks for sharing

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