Chair Cardi

Here’s the latest addition to our knitted chairs gallery!
Chair Cardi
The cables at the back line up with the cables at the front, I felt rather clever! For the top, I used 3-needle bind-off instead of grafting so that the stitches line up properly.
Chair Cardi
And to complete the cardigan look, pockets with cables on both sides! I could’ve done a better job attaching them, but sewing is clearly not my forte.
Chair Cardi

While I was referring to the pattern I’ve written out to knit this chair, I noticed a couple of errors! Sorry knitters, I’ll make sure to take some time out and edit them. In the mean time, if you come across a problem while knitting the chair please don’t hesitate to contact me!



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13 responses to “Chair Cardi

  1. wow.i have never used these kind of chairs but they look really cool.

  2. June

    Brilliant love the chair cover, never seen any thing like them, there great

  3. June

    I just love the knitted chair never seen any thing like it before smashing.

  4. allyne cheifet

    HOw do I get this pattern?

  5. sonia

    Your work is WONDERFUL!!! A real piece of art!! Congratulations!!! I wish I could be patient enough to make such a job!

  6. Fantastic! I simply LOVE them…… about a patchworky, freeform cover……….ooh what an idea too!
    I imagine its not an actual pattern but a trila and error as you go idea?

  7. Pockets! What a fabulous idea. So useful for storing all that stuff.

  8. Hi

    Awesome… I have never used these kind of chairs but they look really cool. Thanks for sharing this …


  9. Where can I find a pattern for this? And what size need is that…sts look huge.

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  11. Pam Coetzee

    hi, I live in Durban, South Africa and saw your chair covers. they are awesome. so many people here use these chairs and they get so dirty and want to knit one. lovely to knw abt your w/site.

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  13. you are a real artist, fantastic!
    all the best from Switzerland,Christa

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