Here’s another one knitted by the wonderful Talitha.
Here’s what she says about it:
“a papasan chair. yup, something about the cushiness of all the ribbing in this seat invites me, calls me to come & to sit (i’ve always felt the same way about the infamous papasan chairs).
it’s so great to take a formerly cold, almost sterile looking, plastic chair and trasform it so easily into something so cozy. ah…”

I personally agree, don’t you?



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3 responses to “Delight

  1. Hi there, just found your website and noticed you found mine before. Would you drop me an email? I really would love to post a link to your site and this great youtube-video. What´s this song? First time I heard it, it´s hillarious! Best wishes – Jens

    • yuvee

      Hi Jens,

      It’ll be great if you could post a link to my site, I love your blog! The song is called White Plastic Stackable Chair by Neal Phillips, I happened to find it in iTunes, isn’t it just contagious? I couldn’t get it out of my head for days!

  2. Done. And best luck for the Saturday event! I´ll try to convince a friend to come over from Hampstead to the South Bank. If he wont make it, I hope to see some photos on here.

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